Monday, 8 August 2011

Potrait of Life.

salam kepada manusia-manusia.
this is the first entry since i've deleted the old motherfucking lame posts.huh.mcm bangang je entry-entry lama.haha.okay,back to topic.there is someone asking me regarding to the picture collection in my FB.and her question is,why there is so much potraits?simple answer.i like potraits ! LOL.actually,aku suka potraiture sbb aku suka facial expression,sebab aku suka edit potrait.sgt detail,sbb aku suka lighting which is the most essential part in photography.and i'm going to share some of my favorite potraiture collection.enjoy !

     this one is my favorite.i spend two hours thinking bout the tone.haha.

                the lucky potrait.this potrait got listed down to top 7 in fotoskool's
                 potrait contest and this is top 7 among 197 entries.yeaahhh!

thanks for reading !

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